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Dentist near 60618

60618 Dentist

Whenever teeth are lost, it’s important to find a compassionate dentist near 60618 to discuss your treatment options as soon as possible. For superior dental care with a gentle touch, please consider the skilled and versatile practitioners of Skyline Smiles of West Loop. We offer a wide range of restorative options for missing teeth, with our partial and full dentures being a popular option among some of our patients. Our versatile team of practitioners have earned an excellent reputation in the area and look forward to helping you reestablish your amazing smile.

Dentist near 60618

If you’re missing teeth, it’s important that you make an appointment with us as soon as possible. Not only does it take a toll on your quality of life, but bone loss can occur quite rapidly, teeth can shift, and there can be some of compromising your facial structure. When it comes to replacing teeth, your dentist near 60618 at Skyline Smiles of West Loop provide the latest options available. When all teeth of the upper or lower dental arch must be replaced, complete dentures are a great option. Fabricated from high grade dental materials, complete dentures are an excellent way of reestablishing the appearance and functionality of a full smile.  Providing support for the muscles in the cheeks and lips, dentures keep the soft tissues in the face from sagging, serving to maintain your overall appearance. For patients with some healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures can be made to fit the unique dimensions of your mouth. Using claps that attach to neighboring teeth, partial dentures provide a restoration that is durable and blends seamlessly with your smile.

If you would like to learn more about the restorative options we offer, get in touch with your dentist near 60618.  To schedule an appointment with our dental team, call our office today. We offer flexible scheduling options to help you find a time that works for you.


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